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Exchanges & orders

No returns. We want you to be happy with your purchase, however we do not return candles that have been burned unless there is a quality issue. Please email if there is a quality issue with your purchase and you would like a replacement so we can investigate further with you.

Please email shesaidcandleco@gmail.com if there is a quality issue with your candle or wax melt. We can help rectify this situation by getting details of the issue and sending you a replacement if the situation calls for it.

We need to know if you items are damaged in shipment or they haven’t arrived. You will be sent a tracking number to track your order. If the order is not received in a reasonable time, or it arrives damaged please email me!

If you are unhappy with the scent you purchased, you may exchange your candle for a different one as long as you have not burned it. You will be responsible for the return shipping of the candle and it must arrive to us undamaged and ready to resell.

Yes! We can arrange a local pick up option or even delivery for a small fee if you are in the Quad City Area. Please reach out to Heather at shesaidcandleco@gmail.com to arrange delivery or pick up at a location centrally located to both parties.

We ship orders daily. 90% of our candles are made to order. Your candle will reach you within 7-12 business days depending on if the scent and jar was pre made or if we need to make it. You cannot burn a newly made candle until 12 days after creation.

Hell yes!. Email Heather at shesaidcandleco@gmail.com to request a custom order. We do custom bridesmaid gifts, employer appreciation gifts, wedding guest favors, even single custom candles. Each request is different and a custom quote will be given.

Yes! Are you looking for a fresh new fun candle to sell in your store? We offer wholesale options that allow you to buy our items in bulk and resell them at your location. In addition we do private label where you can buy our product and label it as your own. Email for more info!!

candle care

Often yes, sometimes no! Some of our wicks are self trimming. If you see a “mushroom or ball” then yes! 1/4″ is the desired wick length. If your wick is longer than this and you see huge flames, smoke and soot – it’s probably time to trim that wick. Use a wick trimmer, nail clippers or scissors! If you see soot on the jar in one spot – check the location of your wick and make sure it’s still centered. Also check the length of the wick to make sure it not too long.

This is called carbon build up & can happen from time to time. It’s very important that this ‘ball’ is trimmed off before your candle is relit or it can cause smoke and soot. Additionally your candle will burn very hot which can cause issues.

We believe in preserving our environment! Reuse or recycle your jar! Freeze your clear jars and chip away old wax. Scrape the wick tab off & wash in the dishwasher. They are “rocks” glasses and can be used that way! White jars use as pen holders or plant vases! Tins recycle!

Coconut waxes don’t create a full melt pool until apx. 3-4, 3 hour burns. At 1/2 way down the jar you still have more than 1/4 in wax on the edge of your jar – consider burning for at least 3 hours at a time! Your candle has been tested extensively & should not tunnel if burned correctly! Please message of if this happens so we can determine if it is being caused by a burning issue or a quality issue.

On the first burn your candle should stay lit for no less than 3 hours. Never burn a candle for longer than 4 hours, but try to burn them for at least 2-3 each burn. Any less could result in tunneling, any more could result in extra long wicks, a hot jar, carbon build up (mushroom ball on the end of the wick) and soot or smoke.