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This is my family! They have had to put up with candles burning non stop for months now!

my Story

my brand & How i
get here?

She Said Candle Co. is a sophisticatedly bold candle brand that represents strong humble women with strong personalities not afraid to speak their mind. We respect others opinions, even if we don’t agree, we don’t believe in excuses and we find humor in the little things.

Some times you just have to say it.

I began making candles during maternity leave with my first son Ethan. Looking back I had NO idea what I was doing. I’m pretty sure my candles could have burned down a house. Knowing what I know now, the wicks were too big, I added way too much fragrance oil and the candles burned way to fast. But – people bought them and I loved it. At that time it was a hobby.

I had to stop the hobby because life got in the way. I went back to work full time and was getting used to life as a new mom. Somewhere in there I changed career paths and bought a CrossFit gym! I was always into fitness and working out. After years in the gym I finally made it a career. For 10 years now I have been a gym owner. Between that and raising my kids – I have been extremely busy.

I decided about 5 months ago that it was time to bring back candles into my life. Things are much different for me now, and I put a lot of time, research and testing into my new found career. I sold my gym of ten years as of Jan 2023 and am changing careers once again. This time I’m all in on candles – coconut wax this time around. I’m excited to make the world smell good in the most non toxic eco friendly way possible!

She Said Candle Co. is going to make waves and I’m excited for the ride!